Lady Tina Sarsah - “The Trailblazer”


Tina Sarsah is the Founder of the Woman of Character ministries that was established in 2012. Her mission began through sharing encouraging text messages and devotionals with ladies within her circle which led to her hosting her first conference empowerment on May 12, 2012. Since then Tina has been hosting Ladies Tea Conferences, Prayer conferences and women health meetings to ENRICH the lives of women. Tina believes women’s conferences do not only serve a vital role in a woman’s life but they can also help in building a woman’s faith and her being empowered to reach her community for Christ.

Woman of Character conferences give women a chance to enhance the meaningful friendships they have and ultimately those relationships make a real‐life difference to ALL women in all stages of their lives. Tina believes that God has called her to continue reaching women and giving them a life changing opportunity to worship together, laugh together, cry together, be inspired and to be passionately EMPOWERED to be a godly Woman of Character!!!

This year WE celebrate 8 years since the establishment of Woman of Character ministries.

If you have never experienced a Woman of Character event get ready for you are in for a treat! Tina is approachable and loves selfies! So be camera ready!



Your God-given purpose & how to walk in it!



Into who you were created to be!



What’s really holding you back and how to break the cycle!



Key strategies on how to transform into who you are destined to be, transition into your set place in the Kingdom and transfer wealth by leaving a legacy for generations

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